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Composite materials lab

Supervisor: Federica Daghia
Technician: Benjamin Smaniotto

The composite materials laboratory allows to manufacture polymer composite parts using different processes (such as hand lay-up based on dry fibers, pre-preg lay-up and infusion). The aim is to get students acquainted with composite materials, which are becoing increasingly common in many industrial application, as well as to manufacture simple specimens and more elaborate composite parts for material testing and validation.

The composite materials laboratory is mainly associated to practical student work related to the course MSM26 "Composites sizing and design" (M1). Undergraduates and graduate projects are also carried out each year; furthermore, in-house training courses are being developed.

The composite materials laboratory equipment consists of:
  • a press with heated plates, allowing the manufacturing of pre-preg based composite plates of structural quality;
  • an oven for the polymerization of composite parts manufactured via hand lay-up or infusion;
  • a vacuum pump and reservoir;
  • a chemical hood and a suction table to ensure safe handling of polyester resins.