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Master M2

During the second year of the master, several orientations, corresponding to the M1 curriculum, are offered :

Master - Engineering of Complex Systems, Orientation Active Safety and Security of Systems

  • M2 ISC : Engineering of Complex Systems
    More information on this website (in french)

Master - Engineering Sciences, Orientation Mechanics of Materials and Structures

  • M2 MAGIS : Material and Engineering Sciences in Paris
    More information on this website (in french)
  • M2 TACS : Advences Techniques in Structural Computations
    More information on this website (in frenh)

Master Engineering Sciences, Orientation Advanced Systems and Robotics

  • M2 IN2P : Numerical Engineering of Products and Processes
    More information on this this website (in french)

Master - Sustainable Vehicules and Transports, Orientation Electrification and Propulsion

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