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Fabrication MeganeThe orientation of this first year of the master  Numerical Engineering for Production (INP) offers a high level curriculum in Mechanical Engineering, Production and Industrial Engineering. Three groups of elective courses are proposes along with mandatory courses:

  1. materials and their shapping,
  2. geometrical models of parts, products and machines, 
  3. command and control of production systems.

The first groups is organised aroung numerical and experimental techniques  for the study and the prevision of the behavior of material, and of the elaboration processes.

The second groups propose modern models used in the numerical factory in order to describe the architecture of machines and the geometry of complex parts.

Last, the third group contains courses on the design and managment of production systems, on the command of automated systems and the evaluation of their efficiency.

For each one on those groups, advances theory are described for a better preparation to research. Experimental activities are proposed in production and numerical simulation for a better  preparation to the most advanced industrial practices.

Training purposes

  • Mastering of basic tools for describing the behavior of materials and manufacturing processes and shapping: plastic deformation and damage.

  • Proficiency in design and analysis of the control of production systems, whether linear continuous systems, discrete event systems or hybrid systems.

  • Mastering models for describing curves and polynomial surfaces for reverse engineering and control of articulated mechanical structures.

  • Practical tools for industrialization and management: simulation software tools, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Management of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), optimization ...

Job Opportunities

This master is a prepration for a large number of orientations in Master 2 in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineerign or Industrialization. The mandatory internship (12 weeks min.) allows the discovery of the industrial of the research worlds.

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