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Master MMS


The orientation Mechanics of Materials and Structures offers a initial scientific background for the next generation of designers of mechanical structures and of new materials.

Two courses Materials Science and Advanced Mechanics of Structures complement the core training. They allow the mastering of experimental and numerical techniques for studying and predicting the behavior of realistic structures and complex materials. Depending on the objectives of the students, elective courses can complete the curriculum with more theoretical aspects for the control of behavior and more complex tools (research objectives) or by more applied aspects of practical simulation tools Industrial (professionalizing goals).

Training purposes

  • Mastering of basic tools for describing the behavior of materials andstructures: energy approaches in continuum mechanics, vibration phenomena and propagation ...

  • Mastering of tools used in numerical engineering and design: finite element method, algorithms for solving nonlinear problems, ...

  • Discovering of advanced models of structures: heterogeneous beams, plates, composite materials, ...

  • Discovering of more complex models: limit state analysis, nonlinearities of materials, structural effects, ...

  • Practice of engineering and design tools: simulation software tools for Computer Aided Design, optimization ...

Job opportunities

This master is a prepration for a large number of orientations in Master 2 in the fields of Computational Mechanics, Material Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, ... The mandatory internship (12 weeks min.) allows the discovery of the industrial of the research worlds.

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