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Supervisor: Christophe Tournier
Technician: Cédric Sailler

The CAD/CAM Lab is the numerical engineering center of the Department. for the training of our students to modelization tools, numerical simulation, design and optimization techniques and manufacturing of mechanical systems.

The lab is organised aroung Computer Assisted plateforms and offer different kind of programs to teachers and students:

  •  Computer Assisted Design : CatiaV5, SolidWorks, TopSolid.
  •  Computer Asisted Engineering : TDC Knowllence, Nastran, Abaqus, Cast3M.
  •  Computer Assisted Manufacturing : CatiaV5, TopSolid'CAM, Moldflow, Forge3, Thercast.
  • Process Engineering : Delmia.

This lab is devided into five rooms with 8 workstation each and one rapid prototyping room with one ABS 3D printer and one wax 3D printer.

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