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Technology lab

Supervisor: François Louf
Technicians: Henri Glotton, Mohamed Hamou

In this lab didactic systems are available to concretely illustrate the concepts that are exposed during the lectures of mechanics of solids, strength of materials and mechanics of deformable media. The lab is also used to support the project activities by providing students measuring machines, efficient testing devices and associated systems of calculation.

This is a place where models and real systems are confronted.

Some dis-assembling/assembling activities are proposed in order to analyse the architecture and the principle of industrial systems which are based on motion transformation or power transmission system: cams (fishing reel, floor spring), pumps and hydraulic motors, automatic and manual gear boxes, braking systems (from bikes to tanks!) etc... The comparative study of technical solutions uses models and associated design rules that presented in class.

Some testing devices allow the identification of parameters for locals models (contact, friction, wear, ...) or global models of systems (hydrodynamic coupling). The experiments will feed the models to make them usables during design sessions.

Laboratoire DGM