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Material lab

Supervisor: Laetitia Gentot
Technician: Francis Ventura

The material lab offers training on material sciences by experimentation: metallurgy, heat treatment, mechanical characterization tests on various materials.

It is used all along the curriculum at Department of Mechanical Engineering:

  • Bachelor: senior year
  • M1: first year of the master
  • M2: master for faculty training

The resources available in the laboratory are numerous:

  1. for studies of metallurgy: furnaces (fast heating), a Jominy testing device, hardness and micro-hardness testing machines, diffusion analysis (Cu-Zn) experiments, measurement of resistivity on SMA, hoods (fixed and mobile) for the construction and manipulation of crystallographic etchants,  thermal analysis (cooling curves), optical microscopy devices combined with dedicated software.
  2. for mechanical characterization studies: a tensile testing machine equipped with jaws adapted to suit the material to be studied (tensile test specimens of steel, aluminum, or elastomers, compression of plasticine ...), a rotating bending fatigue device, digital camera (image correlation), a Charpy test device. The traction machine is also used for simulations of processes (stamping, extrusion, plastic injection).

There is also a library with books and various magazines available to students during clab class.

Vue panoramique du laboratoire de matériaux